Maximize your ability to heal, manage, and develop the relationship
with your partner.

The mood is therapeutic, loving, and matured.
The app is designed to make you feel included, trusted, and comfortable.

Problem statement:
Couples with relationship issues are
not using their full potentials to heal by themselves and end up costing a lot to go to couple counseling.




Couples often have relationship issues that they are
not comfortable to talk to other people




Including the third person does not always work




Counseling costs a lot


Designing an app that allows couples to self-evaluate, reflect and develop the relationship.

Heavily focusing on the background and history
of each person for analysis, giving them an opportunity to cope with the problem with their own will.

Design Brief

See background, target audience and other basic information.


See research questions, persona and more.

User Journey

See the journey of users fiding and interacting with the app.


See how core features are designed in this app.